The studies for the foundation of the "Automotive Technology Platform" (OTEP)  started on 9-10 March 2007 with the workshop performed in the TÜBİTAK-TÜSSİDE conference rooms and have been completed with the ISBAP Project presented to TÜBİTAK on October 1st 2008 . The objectives in founding OTEP are:

"Create added value by coordinating activites on a national, regional and European scale to promote investment grants for research and innovation and create an innovative economy based on technology."

Significant segment of OEMs, Suppliers, Engineering Services, Universities and governmental and civil organisations are either members or partners of OTEP, and the automotive segment is being represented in a balanced structure.

OTEP is continuing to perform the studies that started even before the official start date as above, and some examples of the activities already completed are as follows;

EARPA membership of OTEP started in 2008

OTEP Vision Document released

OTEP Strategic Research Program released

OTEP recognized by ERTRAC as National Technology Platform of Turkey

Automotive segment R&D Centers Book released

Workshops for the Future of Automotive have been performed domestically and in the US, reports released.

Priority Technologies Work Groups established and group reports shared.